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  • Photographs of some butterflies I have taken in Lincoln Park, as well as a list of the ones that I have seen there, are on the Butterflies of Lincoln Park page.


This Beaver came swimming along Montrose Beach on 18 May 2005, heading east from the Wilson Boat Launch. When he reached the fenced shorebird protection area he came briefly out of the water, which is when I took this picture.

At Montrose Point on 9 February 2005, this Coyote was out on the ice near the fishhook pier. Since I was walking out on the pier, the Coyote got up to move away from me. It had to pass somewhat close to me, so it began to trot and then broke into a lope as it headed toward the beach.


On 25 February 2005, Dave Antieau and I were at Montrose, and Dave spotted the Coyote again. I was able to get more pictures from much closer this time. Here is one of them.

I finally had a chance to see the elusive Red Fox of Montrose Point on 7 October 2004. This fox had been present at Montrose Point since some time in the summer of the year, but I hadn't seen it until this day. Here it is trotting across the beach.


On 22 May 2004 this opossum waddled out on the park lawn at Montrose Point after a brief rain shower sent most of the human park visitors home.


At the Bill Jarvis Migratory Bird Sanctuary, I spotted these dragonflies, a male and female Twelve-spotted Skimmer. Note the distinctive pattern of alternating black and white spots on the wings of the male, including dark wing tips, that identify this species. The female lacks the white spots. These photos were taken 22 May 2004.


This picture of a Common Green Darner dragonfly was taken at Lincoln Park's North Pond on 9 June 2004.


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