Crossbill Encounters

Aaron and Ethan Gyllenhaal
Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve, Cook County, IL
7 March 2009

First the birds. Here is White-winged Crossbill male #1, on the ground. Male #1 was the one with the redder plumage.


Here is male #1, in a tree.

Here is male #2, the one with the pinker plumage.

Here is male #2, extracting a seed from one of the fallen pine cones.

This is one of the three female White-winged Crossbils that we watched.

There were also a bunch of Red-breasted Nuthatches, such as this one.

And just the one Pine Siskin, who unlike the other birds was camera shy.

Watching the birds were a couple of intrepid outdoor adventurers.


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