IOS Gull Frolic

North Point Marina, Winthrop Harbor
Lake County, Illinois
10 Feb 2007

Here are a couple of the many gulls seen at the IOS Gull Frolic.

This bird was one of the "pale" first-year Iceland Gulls that was seen. It was recognizable by the bill that was only half black.

Anothen shot of the same gull.

Tim Wallace took this photo of the same bird in the midst of a feeding frenzy.



Here is one of the adult Iceland Gulls that was seen. In flight there was hardly any noticeable pigmentation on the upperwing, but when resting, the dark marks on the primaries appeared almost, but not quite, black. However, notice how much white is visible in the folded primaries.

Anothen shot of the same gull.



Here is a photo of the 2nd year Lesser Black-backed Gull. This photo was taken by Tim Wallace.



As usual when you have a lot of gulls, some of the individuals present identification puzzles. This photo of Tim Wallace's shows a first year bird in the Thayer's/Kumlien's complex. Dark Iceland Gull? Pale Thayer's Gull?




The gull watchers at the Gull Frolic were constantly presented with the problem of actually finding a particular gull that had been pointed out. Can you find the Thayer's Gull in this next picture?

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