Grasshopper Sparrow

South of the Calumet Sag Channel just west of 104th Ave.
Recorded on the Lisle-Arboretum CBC
Cook County, IL
14 - 22 December 2003

John Duran and Marlys Oosting spotted a strange sparrow on the Lisle-Arboretum CBC on 14 December 2003. John Duran kept tabs on this bird, which was loyal to the same spot, and studied it over the next week. John came to the conclusion that it must be a Grasshopper Sparrow. On 22 December 2003 I was able to accompany him to this area, and we obtained photographs of the bird. This is the first record of Grasshopper Sparrow for the Lisle count. I believe it is only the second CBC record for Illinois, with the other begin a 1949 record on the Murphysboro count.

The following pictures were obtained on 22 December 2003 by Geoff Williamson.